Standardising product content to drive sales


Sysco is Ireland’s largest food service provider, selling a mix of chilled, ambient and frozen foods to coffee shops, restaurants, canteens and other traders.

With over 9000 products on offer, Sysco deals with more than 500 suppliers ranging from large international Brands like Coca Cola to a small artisan cheese maker in the west of Ireland, leading to a significant disparity in the product descriptions and images across the product range.

“We have been increasingly trying to drive our customers online where they can more easily manage their account with Sysco, from paying bills, handling returns and chatting online to a customer service agent” says Phillip Monks, Marketing Manager of Sysco. “The problem we faced was getting our entire range online, with images and standardised descriptions to help customers decide on their purchases.”

Content Llama worked with all of Sysco’s suppliers directly to collect the required data, using experienced copywriters to refine and standardise the product descriptions, then automating the uploading of product data to the e-commerce site.

“I was skeptical when Content Llama told me they could add 1,000 products a month to our site, but they have proved me wrong! They really took the headache away from us and now our customers are giving us 5 star reviews at check out”

Phillip Monks, Marketing Manager of Sysco.