Automating content configuration leads to getting products online in record time


Moosejaw is a leading North American retailer of outdoor sporting goods and apparel, offering over 400 brands and turning over $147M annually. It is owned by Walmart and specializes in snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking and camping. It has been steadily growing its ecommerce offer, in particular as a result of the Covid19 pandemic with its associated shift to online shopping and increasing necessity for retailers to have entire collections available online.

Previously, Moosejaw outsourced product image sourcing and sequencing to an offshore supplier in India who processed the data manually with a large team of data operators, however this was a slow process and could not guarantee accuracy.

Due to the high volume of skus in their product ranges (over 80,000) it was possible for a product to sit in the warehouse for months until an image could be sourced to push it out live on the ecommerce site.

Upon switching to Content Llama, Moosejaw has been able to ensure all of its products are online as soon as they are in the warehouse and the automation of the product content configuration has enabled the team to focus on improving the site content with knowledge-based information for consumers such as tips on how to wax your skis, essential packing tips for a hiking trip and how to tie camping knots.

“Working with Content Llama has enabled us to really improve our speed to site and get our full seasonal range online in a reduced time frame. Apart from the incremental sales uplift, this has freed up the team to work on perfecting the product range and creating more custom content that further enriches our site.”

Kelli Patterson, VP Marketing, Moosejaw