Lifestyle Sports

Standing out from the crowd


Lifestyle Sports is Ireland’s largest sportswear Retailer with 43 stores selling Brands such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas, with between 6,000 and 10,000 skus each season.

With the same branded products available in numerous online stores, Lifestyle Sports attracts and retains customers by offering excellent service with features such as next day delivery before 10pm. They also look to add value through celebrity athlete reviews and comparative analysis of the best performing gear for specific sports.

“We don’t want to have the same product image that every other online Retailer has” says Ross Toal, Head of Online Trading and UX at Lifestyle Sports. “We will use the Brand provided imagery to start with but conduct our own studio shoots with our own models and then replace the image”.

Once an item is available in stock, the merchandising team starts sourcing images and descriptions from the Brand. Content Llama automates this process – crawling through the Brand portals and matching to the stock available on Lifestyle Sports site, automatically uploading descriptions and images to the e-commerce site. This has resulted in average reduction of 14 days saved in sourcing images.

In a second process, Content Llama monitors what new imagery and content is available from Lifestyle Sports’ own photography and copywriting team, then automatically replaces the generic Brand content with the Retailer-generated content.

“Content Llama gives us peace of mind as the content configuration technology is reliable, efficient and error-free. Automating these processes frees up our team to create high value content that improves SEO and the quality of the site, driving sales conversions”

Ross Toal, Head of Online Trading and UX, Lifestyle Sports.