What does Content Llama fix for me?

Nothing destroys conversion like bad images and the wrong descriptions. Nothing converts like great images and descriptions. But, it’s so hard to produce engaging product content while keeping up with the constant flow of new products and daily, weekly or monthly promotional needs.

This is where we come in. We take care of the nightmare. We handle all of the details so your teams can focus on creating engaging product pages and strategic work.

We source the images and descriptions for you, format them in the exact way each of your categories needs them to be and work with your teams to make sure it is uploaded to your systems correctly. In addition, we scale and adapt to your special needs around promotions and special content and unique schedules.

My volume will be seasonal. Is that an issue?

The Llama platform scales. It’s built with things like Black Friday and holiday shopping season in mind.

And, no. You did not miss out on this holiday season. We can get you up and running within a matter of weeks so you are ready to showcase your online storefront this year.

How long does it take to get set up with Content Llama?

We can have you up and running in as little as two (2) weeks!

Remember, shoppers buy what they can see and understand. Make sure they get what they want this year and convert them into buyers. Or, better yet, repeat loyal buyers!

Can Llama help us with product search taxonomy?

We get it. Customers across different regions search for products on your site in different ways. Our friends at the various brand houses do their best to send out search taxonomy the way customers search for their products, but it’s hard to get it regionally accurate.

We can fix all of this for you. This way when you type “jumper” your shopper doesn’t end up with a display of jump ropes.

Yeah, we thought that was a strange one too.

But my brands and suppliers give us the files we need. Why do I need Llama?

Yes, your brands and suppliers do send terrific files with accurate images and great descriptions. There are enterprise systems to house them and track them called PIMs (Product Information Management) and there are others who do it all by spreadsheets.

Yet, between the volumes, sizes, colors and massive variations of product description requirements, something happens from when retailers receive the content and when it gets uploaded to the web site.

What typically happens is that merchandising teams are so overloaded with product requests and work orders that they don’t have the right time to dedicate to editing the information in the way your web site needs it to be.

This leads to one of the worst kept secrets out there. Your team is doing a series of “one-off” work-a-rounds and endless custom edits “just this one time”. Multiply that by the 1,000’s of images and descriptions and you can see just how quickly the “one-off” becomes the normal or that any editing is abandoned all together.

Bottom line, the Llama fixes ALL OF IT. Every product, every upload.

I don't know exactly what is broken. How can you help me if I don't know the exact problem?

Enter the Workflow and Content Success Workshop.

It’s the way we like to start our engagements. This is a stand-alone workshop that gives you a complete map of what is happening right now. Typically we spend 1/2 day with you and your team and then a few days back at the office mapping out your content workflow for you.

Think of this as an independent advisor with the right expertise coming into help. The final report will showcase where the issues are within your process and make recommendations on how to fix it.

The report is yours to have regardless of continuing on with Content Llama. For those that do want to continue, we apply 50% of the fee towards the onboarding costs.

How are your SaaS fees set up?

We have three product offerings. Baby Llama, Kid Llama, Mama Llama. Each product has pricing set by volume of product, giving customers the flexibility needed throughout the year.

  • Up to 2,000 products
  • 2,001 – 5,000 products
  • 5,000+ products

Ask us about discounts for paying on a semi or annual basis.

What other fees are there besides the monthly SaaS costs?

Other fees include our Work Flow and Content Success Workshop – a workshop and report telling you exactly how your content is mapped today, the areas causing issues and recommendations on how and what to fix. This is an incredible value for our clients and is a great way to get introduced to our work. Either way, the report is yours to keep. Those that choose to continue will have 50% of that fee apply reimbursed.