Great Content Converts

At Content Llama we know that you want product content that leads your team to new heights and helps shoppers become loyal buyers. In order to do that, you need product images and descriptions displayed perfectly – for every product you sell.

The problem is that there are just too many products to manage with quality, creativity and accuracy. To make it even worse, new products and promotions arrive all of the time. No matter how big or small your merchandising team is, the constant pressure to make it work forces constant work-a-rounds and one-off solutions which only adds to the stress and anxiety.

We believe that it’s ridiculous these products are so hard to display in an engaging way for the customer.


That’s why we built Content Llama. We are your scalable technology platform that is nerdy about the details and thrives on making sure your product information displays perfectly.

Our focus is on:

  1. Sourcing all of your product information
  2. Dissecting it and formatting it exactly the way you needed it to be
  3. Plugging into your existing ecommerce engine
  4. Working with your creative team to augment content for special projects

Win more customers with Content Llama, and create a happier team while doing it.

Women-founded. Women-led.
Powered by inclusion.

Meet our leaders

Rooted in ecommerce and retail experience. Customer obsessed to the extreme. Nerds about the details.

Karina Kelly

CEO, Co-Founder

Karina brings over 15 years' experience in leadership, from marketing to ecommerce and content workflow to product imagery. With an eagle-eye at spotting gaps in the market, she loves nothing better than creating dramatic impact with innovative ideas and is at her happiest solving big hairy problems with new solutions. Add all of that up and you now understand how and why Karina created Content Llama.

Her favorite spot is the Atlantic Ocean, where you will find her swimming every chance she gets.

Joleen Looney

Head of Sales, Co-Founder

Joleen has 15+ years of experience in enterprise technology solutions with a primary focus on business development and relationship management. Joleen's style is consultative and solution-based, where the customers' needs are front and centre. A customer's success is what excites Joleen professionally.

Fun for Joleen is kicking back and entertaining friends or a good long hike up the beautiful Kerry countryside where she lives with her husband and children.

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