Get your products online fast to hit your retail targets

But it’s not that easy, is it?
The stress, the tracking, the manual editing…

We get it, and we’re here to help.

Display Products Perfectly

Delight Your Customers

Sell More This Season

Display Products Perfectly

Delight Your Customers

Sell More This Season

Is your digital shelf

as sleek as your

 in-store shelf?

At Content Llama, we collaborate directly with all brands and suppliers to take on the ‘messy middle’ part of online retailing.

From sourcing the right photos to curating the most effective image display sequencing, we sift through massive volumes of product data to provide speed, consistency, and the highest quality.

You get reliably formatted, curated files of product information, and beautiful high-res product imagery – all sorted and named, just the way you need it to be.

The best part? Our service is fully managed, so you don’t even need a software team to implement Llama!

Merchandising processes killing your department and costing you money?

Working with spreadsheets, emails and existing product information solutions is frustrating and outdated.

If this sounds like your merchandising process, you’re probably:

  • Losing out on customers
  • Missing your sales targets
  • Falling behind your competition
  • Making critical errors
  • Exhausting your merchandising crew.

Bottom line? You and your team are fighting an eComm battle you can’t win.

Your sales process will be seamless and simple

Simply put: We bridge the product content gap between suppliers and retailers by taking the messy files containing your images and descriptions and make it all eTail ready for you.

From sourcing data for you to description standardization across regions, the Llama platform gives you perfectly formatted content that displays precisely how your site needs it.

Your shoppers become buyers because they finally have the right information they need to buy.

Look who’s put their stuff on Llama’s back.

Imagine what Llama could do for you.


Better conversion rate

By only correcting image and product information, a “Mama Llama” client saw conversions skyrocket


€ saved per year

“Kid Llama” clients are seeing an average of €46,250 in savings per annum.


Increase in user experience

Customer engagement went up 35% once Content Llama came on board to help.

Llama makes you look great online –

so you can sell more products and reduce returns.

Llama knows how customers decide

We’ve been working in ecommerce and retail systems for 20+ years. We:

  • Know what customers need to see before buying
  • Have successfully trained 100+ clients on eTail optimization
  • Worked with dozens of global brands on product content management

We get it. Details, time and unfair pressure.

Our team understands what your merchandising team is up against:

  • Consistent one-off manual cut-and-paste approaches
  • Rushing to upload new products without all the right information
  • Missing out on the chance to get creative and leap ahead of the competition

Put it on Llama's back

We are your product display infrastructure teammates so you can:

  • Spend focused time on getting creative
  • Work with your partners on special campaigns
  • Launch strategic projects that are sitting around collecting dust

Llama has a blackbelt in product content.

… that’s what customers tell us.

  • We plug into your existing ecommerce systems
  • The platform is flexible around your exact specifications
  • We source, edit, deliver product images and information to perfection


Now our content is beautiful

"Our team needed help managing daily product edits, and we wanted to maintain customer experience whilst managing available resources.

Llama helps us to do just that while ensuring the content is beautiful, the customer experience is top level and our team is able to manage their workload."

Gordon, Newman, Go-To-Market Director, Life Style Sports.

Content Llama feeds into your infrastructure.

Simply sign up, get started within the week, and relax as Llama manages everything. Here’s how.


Let’s have a call
& build a plan.

(Don’t worry, our Llama doesn’t bite.)


Leverage Llama and bridge your content gap.

(Llama does backflips all day long.)


Celebrate your higher conversions and sales.

(And never wince at your merchandising again.)


Content Llama delivered.

"COVID-19 shined a light on our merchandising struggles. Customer visits jumped, but our sales were not showing the same type of increases. Content Llama delivered us what our customers were looking for – consistency and the right details – and the new sales numbers prove it."

Kevin Reardon, Store Manager, CH Chemists

Reduce Churn

Get Creative Again

Increase Sales

Reduce Churn

Get Creative Again

Increase Sales

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